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Player Information

Name: Catie
Personal Journal: darkjewel79 on LJ
Age: 33 *sob*
Contact Info: Plurk and AIM: Catie79
Other Characters Played: Nope

Character Information

Character Name: Caroline Martinez
Character Age: 22
Character Gender: Female

Details )
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Rating: G – NC-17
Smut: Only with plot, but possible with appropriate build up.
Sexuality: Heterosexual, though she did make out with her female best friend once while drunk and kind of liked it.

[ ooc ]

Backtagging: Yes within reason
Picking up LATE old tags: Usually no, since I can't remember what we were doing.  >.>
4th Walling: No one will know her canon, so that's easy.  I'll be playing her as not recognizing anyone by personal preference.  She may comment that they sound like they're from a comic, but no 'omg I know you!' reactions.
Offensive Subjects: I'm nearly impossible to squick, so pretty much anything is okay.  Caroline may flip out, though.

[ ic ]

Hugging: She likes hugging, go ahead.
Kissing: Kisses on the check or quick pecks, no problem.  Make outs?  Requires plot (and/or a lot of booze).
Fighting: She's non-violent, but she'll fight if cornered.  She's a mage and can lash out.  I've got no issue with fighting.
Injuring: Serious injuries, ask first.  Little injuries, go for it.
Killing: Ask first.
Mind Reading: She does have some shielding, though it's shoddy.  And she may try to return the favor.  Please ping beforehand to clear what they'll be seeing.
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Caroline is a mage in her home universe.  This means that she can sense other magic users/energy manipulators and has a form of telepathy.

What she can typically sense:

1.  How strong they are.
2.  If they're currently manipulating energy.
3.  If they get their ability through the death or suffering of others.  She describes these people as being 'out of tune'. 
4.  Magical constructs, ley lines, spells, etc. that are in the area unless they're shielded in some way from her.  It's not hard to hide things from her, she's pretty sucky at formal magic.

Please comment on this if you have a magic user so that I know what Caroline will pick up from them.

For #3, this is very open to interpretation as no one from her world is here.  In her world there's a concept called blood mage where they torture other magic users for the boot in power.  If someone specifically hurts/kills people for a magical boost, she can pick that up.  Otherwise, it's totally up to the other writer as to whether or not she sees them as being out of tune.

Thanks for filling this out!
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How are things with my little mage?  Let me know here.  Constructive criticisim is always welcome, flames will be used to toast marsh mellows and then ignored.  Thanks!  Comments are screened.


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